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JLT Series 3 CAI 110mm & SCT X4 Tuner Package (2005-09 GT)

JLT Series 3 CAI 110mm & SCT X4 Tuner Package (2005-09 GT)star rating 5Ralph GemiSeptember 2, 2015I recently purchased the JLT Series 3 CAI & Tuner Package with the Brenspeed Detroit Rocker Cams. Because they were installed at the same time, I can't speak to how much power/torque you'll get from the CAI and tune alone, but I can tell you that I picked up +32rwhp on my 2008 Mustang Bullitt that was virtually stock, having only Flowmaster Outlaw axelbacks and an Air Raid cone on the stock Ford Racing CAI. You can hear the JLT sucking air. It really sounds great when you're shifting gears. I loaded Brenspeed's custom 93 octane tune and it is dead-on. The numbers were consistent on all three dyno pulls at my local speed shop. I couldn't be happier. I will definitely be doing business with Brenspeed again in the future.
JLT Series 3 CAI 110mm & SCT X4 Tuner Package (2005-09 GT)star rating 5EdJuly 12, 2015I was happy to find that Brenspeed offered the JLT with color option, so I ordered redfire. The tune and CAI have made a noticeable difference in performance! The directions for both were very clear and easy to follow. Thanks for offering such a great combo!
JLT Series 3 CAI 110mm & SCT X4 Tuner Package (2005-09 GT)star rating 5JonathanSeptember 23, 2014I ordered a Brenspeed SCT X3 and JLT Series 3 CAI for my 2006 GT in 2012, and ran it for over 20,000 miles. When I got rear ended and had to replace my car, my first modification was a JLT Series 3 CAI, Brenspeed SCT X4, and a set of Steeda under drive pulleys. It's safe to say, I've been satisfied enough to buy it again, and again.
JLT Series 3 CAI 110mm & SCT X4 Tuner Package (2005-09 GT)star rating 5JonathanJuly 30, 2013I bought the SCT X3 and JLT Stage 3 combo from Brenspeed about a year ago. The car runs like it never did before. I wouldn't be surprised if its added a full 30hp at WOT. Since I have an automatic transmission, I love being able to alter the factory's weak, odd shifting. I average about the same gas mileage on the 93 octane tune, but the power and throttle response is there like never before. 13-14 in large cities and 18-22 on the highway. I average 17-18. Before the tune and TB clean, the throttle response was hell to deal with on wet roads and an embarrassment due to the bucking trying to stay at very low speeds. Now, it outdrives nearly any new car on the road. Thanks Brenspeed!
JLT Series 3 CAI 110mm & SCT X4 Tuner Package (2005-09 GT)star rating 5Skip AbramsJuly 10, 2013Where to begin? This is my first mod to my 06 GT, and I really didn't believe I would notice too much improvement. Boy was I wrong! This CAI along with the Brenspeed tune exceeded my expectations. The throttle response is so much better, not that I thought stock was bad. The car also explodes at around 3500 rpm and pulls hard. I'm not sure if it's new mod sensitivity, but this thing also seem so much louder, to the point where I really need to pay attention to who's around me when I get on it. Don't need a ticket! ha-ha. I'm not really doing justice to this package on this review, mostly because I am so darn surprised and impressed, to the point of being speechless. so all I can say is you will not regret it!!! P.S. I don't even have the race tune. Imagine that.
JLT Series 3 CAI 110mm & SCT X4 Tuner Package (2005-09 GT)star rating 5Darrell E.December 11, 2012Very easy installation. Took about 45 min total. WOW! Can really feel the increase in low-end torque, mid-range power and throttle response. Pretty nice "bang for the buck". Exceeded my expectations! Brenspeed got it to me fast too! Thanks guys.
JLT Series 3 CAI 110mm & SCT X4 Tuner Package (2005-09 GT)star rating 5Wes HJune 14, 2012awesome package, easy installation, definely can feel the mid range power boost on the 93 octane tune! love it
JLT Series 3 CAI 110mm & SCT X4 Tuner Package (2005-09 GT)star rating 5michael penceApril 24, 2012myles, thanks for staying there on saturday i forgot time zone change.your a great dude and i guess we talk enough lol,that ride in your gold 2010 10 second car was awesome now i see the potenal for suspension.your car had crazy power and it was detuned and rode like a cadi it was bulls out a fun time.anyhow love my jlt and x3 custom tune the hidden horses i couldnt beleive thanks
JLT Series 3 CAI 110mm & SCT X4 Tuner Package (2005-09 GT)star rating 5michaelApril 7, 2012Well have to say thanks to the research everyone at brenspeed does.and thank you miles for putting up with me that whole week.your a great guy,than you for staying a hour later,and showing me how brenspeed earns there rep very clean work place.and thanks miles for introducing me to your little hotrod.I ask hey can we go for a ride joking I'm already kept him there 1hour late and he said lets go I was like wow its was detuned he said and it felt like it still could do a 10 second. Oh by the way the ride he gave me was the 10second gold mustang all stock internals with a nice suspension kit with roll bar I'm like for how fast it was it rode like a CA I then I said I can get used to the gold color lol I offered him money 2 weeks later to buy it but he says he think anythings for sale lol well see you today to pick my stuff up I'm traveling 144 miles one way to see my friend who I meet on the phone great honest person thanks for all you do guys and miles thanks for staying around when I forgot the time zone well I'm buying every weekend.because there's alot of good people at brenspeed so il travel 144 miles one way every weekend plus I I've been driving car carriers since I was 19 so 20 plus years ok anyhow all good thanks miles and the boys at brenspeed they did there homework great job my 05 stang taking less and less to get to my shop lol peace
JLT Series 3 CAI 110mm & SCT X4 Tuner Package (2005-09 GT)star rating 5Mark TApril 6, 2012Install was easy, JLT has a 4 minute how-to video on the internet which I recommend. Combined with the tuner, this combo makes noticable power. Not only is power increased, delivery is smoother and more responsive. Great mod no matter who you are.
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