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Mustang GT HIGH OUTPUT Vortech Supercharger V3 Brenspeed Package (05-10)

Mustang GT HIGH OUTPUT Vortech Supercharger V3 Brenspeed Package (05-10)star rating 5Robb BoswellDecember 8, 2010I had my polished kit installed at Brenspeed's shop, and let me tell you, if you had ANY reservations about the quality and professionalism of this shop, put them to rest. These guys went above and beyond! I WILL be coming back to Brenspeed! The high-quality kit is all-enclusive, i mean they've thought of everything. The only thing i changed out is the overflow tank (canton) aluminum is way-better than plastic - heat dissipation and looks alone are worth getting a better one over the plastic one Vortech includes. The fact that this V3 blower is self-lubricated is a MAJOR plus, no drilling and tapping into the oilpan, and this means reliability! The kit installs cleanly - a little trimming on the radiator cover and extensions, and a lot of trimming on fuel rail covers if you have these aftermarket parts, but everything else fits flawlessly. I had shivers run up my spine when i heard my baby fire up for the first time after the install. My Horsepower & Torque gains are way beyond the conservative numbers Vortech claims. GET THIS KIT NOW!
Mustang GT HIGH OUTPUT Vortech Supercharger V3 Brenspeed Package (05-10)star rating 5EricOctober 11, 2009First of all let me thank the guys at Brenspeed for their excellent customer service!! They really do care about what they do. I had an overseas speed shop intall the kit and had to call a few times for clarification as I am not a mechanic. They were always more than helpful! The kit is great, no problems with the kit or tune at all, started right away and runs great. I willl say this, I purchased this kit partly because it is easy on a stock motor (which I have), and because of the reliability of the Vortech setup. I enjoy the progressive boost, it is a similar feel to an built N/A motor. The car will get up and move in the upper power bands (3,000 rpm )! If you are the type of person wanting instant torque, go with a saleen, ect... Overall, this kit has my enthusiastic thumbs up!
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